Our didactic philosophy of eLearning by engagement is best expressed by a quote attributed to Confucius around 500 BCE when he said: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”

The Perfect Solution for Compliant Manufacturing and User Training, and Maintenance of Devices and Equipment

An article by Hayne W. Reese of West Virginia University appeared in the American Psychological Society titled “The Learning-by-Doing Principle.” The Abstract opens by saying, “Learning by doing has been a principle for thousands of years; it has had many proponents, including Plato, Thomas Hobbes, English and Spanish epigrammatists, Karl Marx and Mao Zedong, cultural anthropologists, Montessori, John B. Watson, and B. F. Skinner; and it has had many forms, including learning by doing, discovery versus instruction, practical experience versus book-learning, the practice-theory-practice dialectic, and proof upon practice.”

After following, researching, exploring, practicing, and patiently waiting, we can confidently announce that the age of the ultimate learning-by-doing experiences are now possible through TBD’s Augmented Reality.


Tracked and certified compliance training

Complex maintenance of devices and equipment

IoT capability without the cost

Cybersecurity solved

What if You Could Have the Data to…

Greatly reduce liability and protect your company?

Outpace competing devices with enhanced efficiency and protection for your customers?

What if You Could Have Real World, Real Time Training and Maintenance That…

Allows the user to train on the actual device, on their own, on their own schedule, with every action supported and documented?

Clicking button on AR medical device training app

Enjoy Dramatic Savings, Maximize Staffing Resources, and Reduce Corporate Liability

  • Provide training on an actual machine or device, without the costs of in-person instruction
  • Capture and document the successful completion of each training step/session for each trainee
  • Monitor and assure proper regular maintenance and operation to exacting regulatory standards
  • Test and validate what the trainee has learned
  • Certify a health care professional (HCP) or employee for competency, and authorize future use
  • Train staff in the requirements, and schedule for device and equipment maintenance
  • Monitor, capture, and store the data related to all procedures and maintenance activity
  • Provide an integrated two-way communication system to direct, support, and build a relationship with the HCP or trainee, utilizing your devices

Train anyone to use any device or equipment in the time it takes to do one procedure or process.

Self Training and Perfect Maintenance, on the Actual Equipment, in Real Time, in Their World

  • Assure 100% compliance for device training
  • Confirm 100% compliance for device maintenance
  • Save BIG on personnel expenses and travel costs
  • Reduce liability and protect your organization
  • Allows the user to train on their own schedule at their work location
  • The TrainByDoing approach with audio, visual, and interactive support allows faster and more accurate learning

Improve training, and assure device procedural and maintenance accuracy.

Your Smartphone Is Smart Enough

  • No headsets, goggles or glasses required
  • TBD's AR technology is operating system (OS) agnostic
  • Works on both apple and android phones
  • Native to core operating systems, so no app download is needed

TrainByDoing in your hand.

IoT Capability Without the IoT Cost and Development Time

  • Connected devices without the onboard connection
  • Database capture of personnel's equipment learning, testing, and maintenance
  • Corporate liability reduction
  • Automated centralized updates and improvements
  • Two-way communication systems when appropriate
  • Eliminate staff travel and time in video conferencing

Enjoy dramatic savings by eliminating IoT budgets, maximizing staffing resources, and reducing corporate liability.

Ultra Cyber Secure, Without Even Trying

New Regulations

As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was passed into legislation late last year, new regulations are included to ensure cybersecurity of medical devices.

Submissions for new medical devices will now need to include details on the cybersecurity protections, as well as plans for post-release security updates. The requirements specifically target any device that connects to a network, and is therefore vulnerable to online attacks.

One of the many inherent advantages of training and maintenance through TBD's AR-powered apps is that no onboard network connectivity is needed.


The Big Challenge of AR-Powered eLearning: finding the right partner

Since 1994, our founding organization, DDA, has developed many complex eLearning platforms. DDA has deep experience in custom medical and industrial training platforms for a wide range of companies, including:

  • Role-playing public health training simulation experiences for the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Very early, groundbreaking eLearning platform for Principal Financial
  • Multiple virtual medical simulations for Philips Healthcare
  • Clinical trial support media for AstraZeneca that we translated into 50+ languages
  • Medical device training for cardiac surgical equipment manufacturer, LivaNova


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